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About Us

All Good Cooperative is a producers co-op made and owned by small farmers, healers, and artisans based in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. By pooling our resources and sharing marketing and retail operations under one umbrella, our small businesses are stronger together. 

**Coming Soon: Meet our Members Page**

We believe that:

  • Food is medicine. Nature is medicine.

  • Healthy food, herbal medicine, and ancestral knowledge should be accessible to everyone. 

  • There is power in cooperation and cooperative economics. By organizing our co-op, we are creating more shared prosperity than going at it solo.

  • Our community is stronger when small businesses succeed that meet their needs

  • At first, mushrooms can seem weird and sciencey. But really, they're just delicious and good for you.

**Under Construction, we promise there's more =)**


Our Founding Members

James Jasper
All Good

J Jasper.jpeg

J is the Production Manager and Co-founder of All Good Mushroom Company. He is an experiential educator, craft cannabis cultivator, and founding member of MA first cooperative cannabis farm, Farmbug Cooperative. Licensing and fundraising takes a darn long time in that industry, so J started researching how to grow culinary mushrooms and looking for partners in a cooperative farming venture. J and Shavon met at a political organizing event for worker co-ops in MA and bonded over similar interests and values. Months later, All Good Mushroom Company and All Good Wellness Cooperative were born!

Shavon Prophet
All Good


Shavon is an, entrepreneur, farmer, and social impact business consultant. In her day-job she is the Program Director of the Massachusetts Center for Employee Ownership and lives in Chicopee. Though she worked very hard to hard to have a cushy office job, she's been plotting for years to get back in the dirt and put theory into practice by starting a worker cooperative farm. She is an amateur herbalist and working on getting in touch with precolonial Filipino spiritual and herbal healing practices. J and Shavon hope to offer healthy delicious mushrooms and herbs, dignified work and wages, and support other small natural wellness businesses in our community.

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